(photo by fotio)

I believe that photographing wild places quiets the mind for listening deeply to what we and our planet need; that it’s critical to bear witness, to believe in the power of the possible. I believe that the right photographs can speak volumes and help create change through connection, community and conversations, even the hard ones.

As a purpose driven photographer, I’m especially into helping tell stories for companies, organizations and individuals (especially bad ass female entrepreneurs) who are doing good. I specialize in making portraits for people who know they gotta have ’em but for whom actually¬†being photographed¬†is right up there with a fear of snakes and death. Together we change that narrative and create an experience that’s empowering, totally fun and leaves with wicked killer pictures of your authentic, amazing self.

I also teach mindfulness and lead contemplative photography retreats with my husband, Ving Tsun teacher, martial artist, Matt Johnson.

I’m based in Chicago and Bayfield County, WI on Lake Superior.

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s talk about YOUR project and how to make it happen.

Every time I do a job, receive a commission, I donate equivalent services to someone who needs it. Think head shots for young people just out of school looking for their first job. Puppies in need of adoption. Things like that.




4 thoughts on “ABOUT HILLARY

  1. Hi Hillary. This is Edward. I served you and your friends at Lillys Bistro, while you were visiting Louisville Ky. I promised a book to you and it is soon on it’s way. Just hours after you all had left, a truck drove through our dining room. No one was hurt, thankfully. Just a lot if damage to our restaurant. What a mess it has been. We are back up in operation. This is why you haven’t recieved the book by now. It was a pleasure taking care of you and your friends. I hope you visit Louisville again sometime soon. Book is on its way. Thank you for being such fantastic people.
    Warmest Regards,
    Edward Herchenrader

    1. Hi Edward, That’s terrible! I’m so glad no one was injured. Holy shit! I will be sending you some pics to use digitally and after my next trip is over a print. It was so great meeting you and enjoying the whole experience in Louisville. Thank you for being such a wonderful person too. Warmly, HIllary

    1. Thanks Saya! This site is going to be the home of the fine art work and hillaryjohnsoncommercialphotography.com the site for just like it sounds, commercial work.

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