A Cold Day’s Night in Photographs

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What is it about light and dark, lights flaring against a dark night, a red ribbon in the wind? Lately I’ve been looking at the world as I imagine a painter might, some painter somewhere anyway. Maybe it’s the old Josef Albers color theory coming out from long ago stash in the brain. I don’t know. But I can tell you this: cold as it was, I didn’t feel it at all, rather completely absorbed in looking, looking at the ever-changing fields of color, light, pattern that came and went as quick as the breath. I hope you like it and find something here to return to again. If you do, you can always click the follow button or like if you so moved, and let me know someone out there is watching too. Peace. Hillary

Better version of Goethe-Color-Wheel.jpg, shar...
Image via Wikipedia
color theory: mixed signals

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