Happy Chinese New Year (Dragon)

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Gung Hay Fat Choy! Today Chinatown Chicago celebrated the start of a new year. According to their calendar this is the year of the dragon.

Chicago - Coliseum (exterior) (LOC)
Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

As I was shooting today I actually began to feel terribly frustrated. How to make a new image of a traditional, annual display?

And then I began to reflect on my inclination towards masses of color, painterly notions of late. Pair this with an inclination to high contrast…and the whole thing made me wonder about how to pair what I started the day thinking were opposing tendencies. That is historically, I’m a people photographer but lately looking at landscapes (defined very loosely) and the fields of color and texture. You can check out the paintings of Richard Bruce if you like for one example.

If it helps at all, I love Ad Reinhardt.


Then looking at a video of Florence and the Machine of all things, on someone else’s blog made me realize I could do both! Treat the face, the portrait just as I would anything else. There were some really nice moments in the video where the camera comes in close and her face does become a landscape.

Interesting things I learned today:

The Lion Dances in which two set of lions appear to face-off against each other is connected to kung fu schools from differing styles, families etc. The face off then the teachers from the different schools meet to shake hands as friends. This good will sets them up for a year of friend ship and cooperation, instead of fighting.

Jameson whiskey is what keeps the pipers warm as they march. The Shannon Rovers were amazing, as always! 

So, a cool day of picture making. Food for thought.

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Happy New Year, Hillary

Chinese dragon
Image via Wikipedia

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