Women’s March Chicago

Here are some highlights of the march in Chicago today. The weather was unseasonably perfect (so much for those who say that climate change isn’t a thing…) It felt like May for goodness sake.

Reports say there were 250,000 humans marching today and it felt like it. People and pink hats, feather boas, handmade signs and beautiful art all over the place.

What really amazed me, after attending many marches over the years, was the incredible diversity of human beings. Pregnant women, mommas with babies, children, all ages up to nearly 100. People were of every size, shape and color, every possible identity it seemed.

And, EVERYONE was So Nice. People were polite and helpful to each other. There was an air of celebration. Hopefulness. Connection. Please, I wish, let’s keep that part alive as we move forward.

Thanks to everyone who let me make their picture. If you couldn’t be there and wanted to, I hope this helps give a feeling for the day.

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