Guided Meditation: Radiance

So here we are in the depths of winter and dark times in our country. It can feel overwhelming. We may wonder what we can do and how we will keep going. We may also begin to feel burnt out from the constant effort to confront reality and make positive changes, to be of service.


We want to hold space for each other and take care of our tender hearts. Along the way, we might forget to do enough self care which can leave us feeling really crappy. Fortunately, there are many ways we can nurture ourselves which are simple, accessible and portable.


One thing we can do is practice some form of meditation. There’s many ways to practice and I’m hardly an expert. I can offer this however. It can be very beneficial, especially when really stressed out, even for experienced meditators, to have a guided meditation to lean on as a support.


Here is a guided meditation I recorded today that’s all about cultivating a radiant heart using a little visualization; some sunshine, flowers and warmth inside and out. Thanks so much to my client Jim for inspiring me to do it and record it.

If you find it helpful, please feel free to share it. And to help us build community and stay in touch please tag @hijcreative and use #weareradiant . Of course, if you have any questions, please ask.

May all find peace. Many thanks to all my teachers over the years and good wise friends who help make the world a better place every day. I am forever grateful for your presence.




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