Like having coffee with an old friend…

This client just made my day, no, more like my whole week with this bit of photo love!

 He says, “Working with Hillary was an awesome experience!… I have always disliked having my picture taken, and I have rarely been pleased with the results.

 Hillary is the consummate professional yet she has a very disarming style which made me feel less like I was having my picture taken, and more like having coffee with an old friend. 

 She personalized the experience and made it fun. In the end she delivered some amazing natural portraits that I absolutely love and have been able to use to brand my professional image. 

I highly recommend Hillary for portraits that are exquisitely unique and professional service without gimmick.”
If anyone needs a portrait, just drop me a line and I’ll make sure we make a portrait you love! 

And don’t forget, for every photo shoot I’m hired for, I donate equivalent services to someone or some organization in need. Together, let’s pay it forward. 

Many thanks Steve! 🙏🏼

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