Do Good this Second Friday

It’s 2nd Fridays in the Chicago Arts District!
I’ll be showing new black and white work and will have archival, limited edition Piezographic (say that three times fast!) prints for sale. Think thousands of shades of gray, a huge dynamic range similar to platinum or palladium printing.
AND, this is the best part…
I’ll be hosting a holiday “It’s A Wonderful Life” themed Pop Up Photo Booth where you can have your portrait made in classic black and white. Let’s capture a moment of your own joy when you remember how different the world would be without you in it!
Here’s how it works:
One of the things that’s most difficult for homeless people to get hold of and which are especially critical during cold Chicago winters, are socks. Shelters can’t take old socks as donations and so people are often left in a really bad spot in caring for and keeping their feet warm when in matters most.
So, if you come with TWO pairs of brain new, tags still on, winter socks (on sale at Costco, btw, in wool! or any other socks, I got nothing going on with Costco…) you receive ten dollars off either a portrait in our photo booth OR $10 off any print purchase the night of the show.
I’ll be distributing all donated socks over Christmas week to homeless people in the Pilsen/South Loop area.
Pop Up Photo Booth sittings are $35 and include a hand made black and white Piezo print. The prints will be made and sent by mail to you. Payments in cash, credit card, Paypal, Venmo etc.
There will be lots of other artists to visit and you should totally come see all the cool work.
I’ll also be taking bookings for transformational portraits also in black and white.For every two pairs of socks you bring to support the cause, you receive $20.00 off your sitting fee!
Making good art and doing good together. Let’s do it!
WHERE: 1839 S Halsted St
WHEN: 12/8/17 6-10pm
HOW MUCH: $35/each without sock donation $25 with sock donation

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