It’s better together

It’s so much better when we remember that we’re in this together, isn’t it?

And really, that’s the whole idea behind the way I work: improvisational photography.

One of the first rules, or so-called rules of improv, is to say “yes – and” this is an act of generosity. It means implicitly, I got your back. It means that the reality we’re creating together in a scene, or in this case in a photograph, is something we both completely believe in 100%.

Lots of people are uncomfortable being photographed for all kinds of reasons. That’s why when you work with me together we say yes and, and I will always have your back.

Helping you prepare for the shoot, answering your questions, knowing what to expect talking about clothing and want to wear, and helping you move in a way that helps you find your own comfortable place inside your own heart and body so that the amazing authentic self that is you can shine through in every single picture.

Available for bookings and fine art prints.

Stop by our photo booth tonight, Dec. 8th, for Second Friday! 6-10pm 1839 S Halsted St.

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