Mindfulness and Treat Eating

Hey guys, hope you enjoy this video of my friend Bukowski the dog, who has become a real gentleman.

He used to go after his treats so hard and fast that frequently I thought I was gonna lose an arm.

But as you can see he has become even more of a Zen master and now he knows that the best way to savor a treat that’s been offered with love, ❤️ is to take it slowly and gently and to eat it bit by bit, appreciating every lovely morsel.

This is mindfulness of treat eating.

I know that I myself could use a little bit more practice with mindfulness of my own treat eating.

Instead of gobbling down with guilty pleasure, an entire ice cream cone of mint chocolate chip ice cream, for example… if I took my time, licking the ice cream from the cone slowly, not only would I enjoy each one more, and be adding more happiness to my life but I’d be healthier because probably I would only eat One of them every now and again,i nstead of gobbling down the whole thing in 30 seconds or less, and then wondering where the heck it went and already craving another one. Sound familiar to you? Then I welcome you to join me an old buck and savor your treats, bite by bite, nice and slow, enjoying the aroma, the flavor, the temperature, the whole magnificent experience.

again, thanks for joining me for an episode of in the moment with Bukowski. I wish you much happy eating of treats in your life.

#ZenMasterDog #inthemoment #MyDogIsMyTeacher #Mindfulness #Creativity #redballoonstudio #HillaryJohnsonPhotographer

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