Jevon, ving tsun fighter

This is Jevon, ving tsun fighter.

It bears frequent repeating that the study of martial arts, real martial arts, [not fight club, mma, ring fighting with its rules and referees, (nothing could be more ridiculous or self serving, people playing at fighting for a fistful of dollars and dreams of personal fame and glory- scenarious in which the real goal is for the promoters to make the big cash and treat the men and women in the ring as mere pawns, who allow themselves to be played till they’re too broken to be in the ring any more and then the money machine moves on, leaving them to fend for themselves.) ] –

-real martial arts is about working towards peace in your own heart and mind; about being present to the suffering of others and offering assistance to those who need it. It’s about the discipline of the daily hard work to train forms over and over, to practice with the intention to be a little better every single time, to refine the techniques and to forge the spirit into something more pure and strong, so it can face the challenges and real perils of every day life.

We need more peace and inner strength today, not more anger and brutality. These are values that can be gained through true traditional practice- this is what students learn in the lineage of Ip Man, Ip Ching and Matt Johnson.

Ving tsun teaches the practitioner to prevail and be part of something larger than themselves.

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