Sony Alpha Female

I’m thrilled to say that I completed an application for the @sony_alpha_female grant in support of my work in Lake Superior, one of the world’s most important sources of fresh water.

I want awaken people through love rather than fear or anger to our deep inter-being with our planet.
We we can create space for allowing peaceful silence to develop then we can see clearly and listen deeply to wisdom and yearnings of our heart and mind, in the same way we can hear the heart and consciousness of the planet – in each case, what’s most deeply required is compassionate care and attention which nurtures rather than destroys.
I could never do this without the support of my family, friends, collectors and all the believers in me and my work.
The award is HUGE: $25k, $5k in killer Sony gear and mentoring (@cristinamittermeier please!!)


This award would allow me to spend every day making new photos to show the dramatic changes in the coastline in real time, as well as creating platforms to share it and engage local insiders by giving them more of a voice with their own cameras, educational workshops in photography and storytelling, exhibitions and other modes of bearing witness. Podcasts of interviews. A book.
Cross your fingers for me will you? The results will be out mid-October, so yay, not long to wait.


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