Hey there sweet person.

Looking to hire a photographer?

Or, looking for some beautiful photography to hang on the walls of your home, office or exhibition space?

Not an easy task.
I know.

There’s only like a 999 billion of us out here on the interwebs.

But now, you are here. And that’s great.

I offer two simple things.



Killer black and white portraiture that lets you be you.* Authentic. Amazing. Beautiful. Whether that’s you solo or with a gaggle of friends or family or the amazing people you work with.


*color okay too but black and white is my jam

Here’s the thing:

My superpower is making being photographed easy and dare I say, even FUN! Transformational even. Together we will unleash your inner bad ass.DSCF4613

For fun or for work or for loveDSCF6009

For all the above and then some. For you, a friend or your company.



Beautiful, one-of-a-kind and extremely limited edition, black and white fine art prints.  Images that let you feel serene. To dip into silence and solitude, to slow down and savor. Isn’t life beautiful?