You might think that being a photographer is a single, simple thing – but in my case, being a photographer now and the way my photo practice is today, is the result of so many different threads coming together and making life a wonderful adventure better than I ever imagined.


I love sharing those things that have so changed my life for the better with others so they can experience personal transformation too.

I’m super into what Ellen Langer calls a personal renaissance and believe we all deserve opportunities to create our own. I mean, who wouldn’t want less stress and more joy? Really.

So while photography, mindfulness, meditation, improv, and positive psychology might seem unrelated – for me they have been essential parts of my own personal and professional renaissance and they can be for YOU too.


You don’t have to be a photographer – just a person with a desire to live more happily, more creatively and with a willingness to explore new territory to find your way to greater fulfillment, authenticity, empowerment and connection.

Contemplative Photography Retreat