Why should we have been born knowing how to love the world? We require again and again, these demonstrations.
– Mark Doty
Do you know that the best way to support an artist’s dream is to buy their work or support them as a patron?
The Persistence of Vanishing Things: The development of a global photographic lexicon with text/narrative/stories, which explores our collective vulnerability and inter-being; the felt and ever changing flow of experience with compassion and dignity.
To be presented in a touring exhibition, creation and publication of a book and accompanying opportunities for experiential growth and learning through presentations by experts from various relevant fields.
Your support means that I can stop doing all the things that take me away from art making, (which takes A LOT of time) not only to make the actual thing, but also time to do all the reflection, research, reading, traveling, sometimes needing to purchase things, like cameras, a computer build more recently that 2009, connecting, cross-pollinating, writing, writing, digging, digging, digging as deeply as  possible down into that creative well.
Support means I can make more work and focus on bringing beauty and goodness into the world, which aims to help us all manage the inevitable struggles with a bit more grace. Being exposed to art helps us navigate, connects us through moments of “me too!” and savoring the beautiful even when the world may feel as if it’s gone completely off the rails.
So, dear ones, unknown ones, friends, friends of friends, past colleagues, if you are into what I’m doing, please let’s talk.
  • We can arrange a studio visit if you’re local or want to come in from where ever you may be; you can purchase a print (maybe you fell in love with a picture you saw online and live far away. No problem! I ship anywhere in the world someone will deliver.
  • You may also choose to support the work through direct financial contribution. This offers you a number of niceties from being on the inside of the process like access to studio visits just for you, access to works in progress along with discounts, private donor events etc.
  • Maybe you have a company or work for one that loves to support the arts which gets you all kinds on insider treats before anyone else and discounts on future purchases. Plus the warm and fuzzy feeling that you get from supporting the pitched battle of the artist.
Thank you so much for reading this far. I hope very much soon we will work together to bring more beauty and opportunity for healing into being.
May all be safe, happy, strong and live with ease.
The Hero's Journey
The Hero’s Journey
 Will you support my dream?