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Feeling a bit under water?

We can get busy with life, so busy that we lose track of who we are and what we want and who we most want to be.

If that sounds like you at least sometimes, then you are not alone.

If that sounds like you, I have the perfect little get-a-way this January, less than 2 hours from Chicago.

If you’d like to reclaim your inner creative kid, join us.

If you could just use some quiet and beauty, join us.


Let’s help your inner muse bloom.

Learn more and register here. Space is limited to make sure you feel well cared for.


What You Seek…

Is seeking you

Sinking Dock

Sinking Dock, Chicago River, Ping Tom Park, Chicago, Il January 22, 2018

The Imperial Wizard of Intergalactic Light

Version 2

The Imperial Wizard of Intergalactic Light at the 18th St Lift Bridge, Chicago, Illinois
Mask by Chicago artist Bryan Sperry , part of Warriors of the Apocalypse work.


New Group Show

Here is the photo selected for Woman Made Gallery’s Midwest Open running March 2-24, 2018.


What an incredible honor to be amongst this group of 40 incredible artists chosen from 900 entries! I’m over the moon to be included. Thank you.

Opening Reception:

March 2, 2018 | 6-8pm (Friday)

The exhibition will be shown at WMG‘s new space in Chicago’s Pilsen Art District:
Woman Made Gallery
2150 S Canalport # 4A

New Photos at Second Friday

I will be showing new black and white photographs printed using Piezography, a unique process which offers tens of thousands of silver tones, greater than what can be found in even platinum or  palladium process printing. Limited edition, signed en verso.

The Conversation
The images are slightly elegiac; an idea of movement but also stillness – the suspension of time. Long exposures distill several moments into one. Rather than a single decisive moment, it’s photographing the passage of time itself. They are connected as well to the writings of Woolf, Proust, Oliver, Dillard, Solnit and their explorations of perception and the passage of time and memory.
Solitary Man
The work also explores the time between point of sense contact and the cognitive, physical and emotional response. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom,” as Viktor Frankl had it.
Garden Chairs 2

More Thoughts on “The Persistence of Vanishing Things”

As this project develops, there’s a need to concretize while at the same time remaining open and flexible to new discoveries, flashes of insight. I keep following the trail. Finding that balance between effort and ease to find the way to the work at it’s fullest expression.


I think that one of the main questions is this: how are we in relationship to the landscape? In the same way in mindfulness practice that we learn to ask, how are we in relationship to whatever is going on. We do our best in this practice to keep an open, curious, non-judgmental mind.

How do we even define landscape?

I know that I tend to think nature when I hear the word landscape but what about the built landscape that we create? And the way we do it? How we build what we do and with what intent?

The Conversation

Do we feel connected to the landscape or separate? And how much does it matter how our relationship with natural or built landscape is? What synergy is there? Do our environs support or deny us? And to what extent are we complicit when things go awry and we harm ourselves and the landscape? And conversely, how do we support positive change, or nurture the landscape whether natural or built?

Part of the work is in photographing the various landscape types as well as the people in them.

Further, conducting interviews and asking people where I find them about their connection to the landscape.

How is this relationship related to happiness? Are people more or less happy in various kinds of landscape settings?


And what of the stories, the mythologies found in the landscapes of different places and people? What forms the sensibilities of the people who dwell in these places? In what do they believe and what is the alchemy between people, landscape and the narrative enframing their experience and sensibilities?

Further, how is the passage of time perceived in each place and how does that inform/impact not only their relationship to the landscape but their happiness or sense of contentment? When we feel rushed along how does this inform our relationship to the land, the planet? When we have a slowing of time, does this mean we relate differently and how?




Do Good this Second Friday

It’s 2nd Fridays in the Chicago Arts District!
I’ll be showing new black and white work and will have archival, limited edition Piezographic (say that three times fast!) prints for sale. Think thousands of shades of gray, a huge dynamic range similar to platinum or palladium printing.
AND, this is the best part…
I’ll be hosting a holiday “It’s A Wonderful Life” themed Pop Up Photo Booth where you can have your portrait made in classic black and white. Let’s capture a moment of your own joy when you remember how different the world would be without you in it!
Here’s how it works:
One of the things that’s most difficult for homeless people to get hold of and which are especially critical during cold Chicago winters, are socks. Shelters can’t take old socks as donations and so people are often left in a really bad spot in caring for and keeping their feet warm when in matters most.
So, if you come with TWO pairs of brain new, tags still on, winter socks (on sale at Costco, btw, in wool! or any other socks, I got nothing going on with Costco…) you receive ten dollars off either a portrait in our photo booth OR $10 off any print purchase the night of the show.
I’ll be distributing all donated socks over Christmas week to homeless people in the Pilsen/South Loop area.
Pop Up Photo Booth sittings are $35 and include a hand made black and white Piezo print. The prints will be made and sent by mail to you. Payments in cash, credit card, Paypal, Venmo etc.
There will be lots of other artists to visit and you should totally come see all the cool work.
I’ll also be taking bookings for transformational portraits also in black and white.For every two pairs of socks you bring to support the cause, you receive $20.00 off your sitting fee!
Making good art and doing good together. Let’s do it!
WHERE: 1839 S Halsted St
WHEN: 12/8/17 6-10pm
HOW MUCH: $35/each without sock donation $25 with sock donation

The Passage of Time

Some photos are not of a single decisive moment but actually light up with the passage of time. And sometimes that glow is beyond astonishing.

And even more, sometimes we can pause and recognize that same glow which is our own divine light shining from within. We can see this in ourselves and all the beings it’s whom we share this planet, this time.


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Third Friday at Zhou B Art Center – Photography by Hillary Johnson


I’ll be showing new black and white and color photographs from my project titled, “The Persistence of Vanishing Things,” in studio 302 at The Zhou B Art Center from 7-10pm. I invite you to join me for an amazing evening of art. The building is filled with incredible work and artists. This is a great chance to get to speak with artists directly about their work.

Deepest thanks to Deborah Weisenhous of Art of Imagination.

I’ll be in Studio 302. The opening is from 7-10pm. 1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609

Here is a link to the center for directions etc.


Time is a relentless river. Each thought we have, each word we say, each action we make lead inevitably to a result offering benefit or harm to ourselves and all who surround us. In each moment we relate to what is sometimes called the ten thousand things.

The choices we make have impacts beyond what we can fully realize. Our cell phones, cars, clothing, and the food we eat. They are not discrete objects but also made of sun and rain and wind and elements and families we don’t know on the other side of the planet who love and struggle for happiness as we do.

The ripple of effect is infinite. The butterfly effect is real.

We can remain in a trance or aim to awaken. What we think becomes reality. We can awaken and manifest true happiness or stay in a trance of disconnection and manifest destruction. We can keep the lights of our blue jewel planet shining or let them go out, perhaps slowly or in one sudden cataclysmic catastrophe.

These photographs explore the way it feels to confront this reality of constant change, the ground shifting constantly under our feet and our striving to grasp and hold onto what we think will bring happiness. They offer a glimpse into our attempts to face, as bravely as we can, inevitable changes and pains. Also, the joy which arises from letting go of grasping and surfing the moment fully present with our whole hearted awareness and compassion to what is, just as it is.