Q1 Portraits and Headshot Specials!

Good morning everyone!

I’m offering Q1 specials for individuals and companies who book their professional portraits and headshots by January 15.

Two hour studio packages that include clothing changes for varied looks are normally $600 but if you book and pay by Jan. 15, the session is just $350!

Email me for arranging your free consult and booking.

CC, Zelle, PayPal, Venmo all accepted.

Together let’s put your best face forward for 2019 success!

Also remember, I donate equivalent services to those in need! Your purchase is a win-win!

Online Print Sale!

On-line print sale!

You can have this beautiful photograph of trees falling slowly into Lake Superior in the midst of an arctic fog, in which the temp difference between the air and water creates a magical mist. We were so fortunate to witness this beautiful phenomenon on the very first I started this project. I think it was a blessing from the lake.

This day was almost a year ago and I’m still working up there making not only documenting but making art that shows how the coastline of Lake Superior is changing so rapidly that in some places it’s vanishing completely. Many of the places I’ve photographed simply do not exist any more.

This long term project is titled, “The Persistence of Vanishing Things.” I plan to continue working on it for several years but right now I’m working on funding the next 8 months. Each purchase makes more of this important work of bearing witness possible.

This image is a Piezo print made by me. The image measures 4×6”. Fully archival and ready for framing.

This photo offers you or a dear one an image of a delicate and vanishing landscape to remind us how delicate, how precious our life, our planet is.

$50 plus shipping

Venmo, Quickpay, CC

Order quick for the holidays! There’s still time.

Thanks so much for your support.

Buy your print by sending me a message using the contact for

and we will set up details and payment and have your print on its way!

Thanks and blessings.


Photography of Invisible Things

My work arises from a desire to understand the ongoing stream of felt experiences along the full emotional continuum. This occurs via direct experiential processing, an ongoing , intuitive development of a visual photographic vocabulary.

This lexicon seeks to make visible the invisible: what do we see and how does it impact us and how are we in relationship to it?

It confronts the fundamental reality of suffering; our confusions about connection and disconnection.

My work seeks meet our experiences of suffering with an authentic wrestling with the right kind of problems; that is, those which ask questions, the asking of which and the attempts at answering have deep and consequential meaning that continue to generate profound meaning in our lives.

The work seeks to alleviate existential suffering by offering moments of contemplation of beauty and connection even in some of the most unusual places.

It’s seeks to help us turn and face our fears rather than run from them. The images arrive from a desire to find places of connection rather than being caught and confused by apparent separations encountered in every day reality.

Pop Up Sale Benefit for Ryan Banks Academy Chicago

Who is ready for a TinType portrait session of their favorite furry friend? 

This is a pop up sale in which 25% of the proceeds from all sessions will go to @ryanbankschi because my friend @valeriegroth has a revolutionary vision of how we can do education better in Chicago. Please check out what she and Ryan Banks Academy is all about. 
Anyone who books a session with me by the end of the day tomorrow (9pm) will have 25% of their sitting fee go directly to Ryan Banks and will receive 10% off purchase of additional prints of the session or any work from my portfolio. 

Message me to book and I’ll get back to you with details and we’ll pick a time that works for everyone! 

Your private session includes up to an hour and a half in the studio, or in your own location, (some pets may get anxious traveling!) One museum quality print up to 13″x13″. Extras: Additional pictures as digital files are $25 each. A second pet is an additional $50.
Total: $400 (25%=$100!)

My studio is located in Pilsen in the Chicago Arts District on Halsted Street between 18th and 19th St. There’s plenty of free street parking available and the studio also both a beautiful walled garden where some of our pet portraits are made.

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