Coach Thyself

Taking a little of my own medicine this afternoon. 

As a life and creativity coach, I spent a lot of time helping people discern what’s holding them back, what fears they have, how to help them burst through those barriers and take actions that can help them realize their dreams. 

I recognize that whenever I’m feeling vague or uncertain myself, It’s time to sit down and do what I do with each of my amazing clients. In other words, coach myself.

Often times this means making a list. For me, frequently, it’s a list of intentions and goals. I try to be as specific as possible. I want to be clear about where it is I want to go after all! And I want to be clear about the many little steps will take to get me to those goals. 

I also like to remind myself that the cliché is true, the journey is the destination. 

So just in case anyone of you out there had this idea that coaches always know exactly what we’re doing all of the time, no way! 

We’re all in the same boat together my darlings. Some days we feel like rock stars. Other days… Not so much. 

I’m so grateful though for a crew of friends, other coach buddies, who are also willing to share their struggles and vulnerabilities. @valgroth @mindfulu @sayahillman @saremmert @zach @lizkimball 

One of the things that we’re always certain of is that no matter what we’re experiencing – that shits’ going to change. 

I know when I work with my clients sometimes it’s so hard for them to realize that the suffering they’re experiencing right now isn’t permanent. When we’re in the middle of something Really and Seriously hard that can be SO difficult. I know that feeling too! 

So thank you friends, thank you teachers, thank you books full of wisdom, for helping me remember that I’m the one driving this bus and I can make choices about how I use my precious time and resources. 

As Mary Oliver asked us to consider, I making very specific and intentionally positive choices about what to do with my one wild and precious life. 

What about you? 

If you’re feeling like you could use a little help making some shifts, creating the life that you want, overcoming obstacles, want to bring mindfulness into your life in a deeper way and not just have Meditation be some item to check off, send me an email, drop me a message. I’m here to help. And if I think I’m not the best person for you I’m happy to refer you to someone I think is a better fit.