Relationship to and Experience of Urban Landscape

The Passage of Time

Some photos are not of a single decisive moment but actually light up with the passage of time. And sometimes that glow is beyond astonishing.

And even more, sometimes we can pause and recognize that same glow which is our own divine light shining from within. We can see this in ourselves and all the beings it’s whom we share this planet, this time.


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Cliff Lake Superior 

Cliff Bayfield County, Lake Superior, WI June 2017

Birch Trees on Cliff Side

Birch Trees on Cliff Side, Bayfield Country, Lake Superior, WI, June 2017 

Limited edition prints available. Contact with queries and to purchase. 

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Matt in front of the cabin, Washburn, WI. June 2017.

My husband’s father Tom Johnson, bought 40 wild acres of land up near Lake Superior back in the late 1950s.

The land has been untouched except for clearing the smallest number of trees possible so this “chop wood -carry water,”cabin could be built in 1998 with his father and brother. The whole family is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of this land as a refuge for animals and the family to enjoy in perpetuity.

The people who own land in this area are frequently under pressure of economic development and rising tax bills on their wild land.


Stay tuned for more on the details of this story. Many thanks for reading!

Hire Me to Make Photographs for You and I’ll Donate In-Kind Photo Services

So, this is my business model:

Every time you hire me to photograph something, an event, make a portrait, whatever, I’ll donate my photography to a person or organization who could really use some photos of something that means a great deal to them.

For example, iMentor, an awesome organization which champions high school students through mentoring support from high school into college, hired me to make photographs of an event they were having. To pay that kindness forward, I’m donating my services to The Lakeview Polar Bear Club for their annual Polar Bear Plunge, (NOTE: You can still register!) which raises funds for families in need. The idea is simple. You pay a fee to plunge yourself into ice cold Lake Michigan and if you want, attend an awesome after-party, and the money goes to help the families. How awesome is that? I can’t think of a better way to spend my Sunday that wading into freezing water to photograph the madness. Win win!

Stay tuned for those pictures! The plunge is Saturday and I’ll be putting all the good ones on this site for free download.


This is a photo of William Seiyo Sheehan, who teaches shurikenjutsu as well as many other things, and as an army veteran does important work spreading peace and helping prevent veteran suicide. You can learn more about that at his site, 8030k.  I donate photography for anything he needs a picture of.

So, please, hire me and I’ll pay your trust in my skills forward. If you have a cause in mind, please, let’s talk about that.

Thank you.


Chicago People: Gloria




This is Gloria. She washes the windows at Strings Ramen on Archer Ave in Chicago every week. Turns out she has her own small business washing windows for businesses all over the city. She told me today that she really loves washing windows, in part because when you’re done “everything looks brand new, ” and, “you just feel like you really accomplished something.”

Gloria is a survivor. She’s got a radiant beauty and intense inner strength that I hope comes through at least a little in these pictures.

Women’s March Chicago

Here are some highlights of the march in Chicago today. The weather was unseasonably perfect (so much for those who say that climate change isn’t a thing…) It felt like May for goodness sake.

Reports say there were 250,000 humans marching today and it felt like it. People and pink hats, feather boas, handmade signs and beautiful art all over the place.

What really amazed me, after attending many marches over the years, was the incredible diversity of human beings. Pregnant women, mommas with babies, children, all ages up to nearly 100. People were of every size, shape and color, every possible identity it seemed.

And, EVERYONE was So Nice. People were polite and helpful to each other. There was an air of celebration. Hopefulness. Connection. Please, I wish, let’s keep that part alive as we move forward.

Thanks to everyone who let me make their picture. If you couldn’t be there and wanted to, I hope this helps give a feeling for the day.