The Persistence of Vanishing Things


We drive north ten hours. The road goes on.


We leave the city, it’s noise and deep unraveling of the spirit.

We drive. Always to The Lake, that magnet of the heart. Going here we enter sacred space.

Many people have come before us. We bow to them all.


Now the planet, the lake is under siege.

As the climate changes, the beauty of the land, the lake, is more ephemeral than ever.

The things we love, we love so much because of their delicacy.

And yet, we may have pushed too far. For the ten thousand things of this world. I too wrestle with clinging, craving. Desire for comfort, stability.


I feel some tension between the fact that at once, the place where I feel most whole is literally falling away beneath my feet.

We and the land, the water and all the living things are one.


It is my deepest hope that the photos I make are at once beautiful art and also an honest bearing witness for the ongoing process of vanishing and persistence to which we are all subject. That they may help create awareness, a mindfulness, of where we are and choices and manners of being we may select.

Mark Doty writes, “Why should we have been born knowing how to love the world? We require again and again, these demonstrations.”


I hope these images are a worthy demonstration.