The Persistence of Vanishing Things

Catastrophic global climate change is a reality. This has prompted anxiety for many and triggered a sense of nostalgia for how the weather used to be, as well as a range of other responses. This work prompts us to not only acknowledge the facts but to realize our own culpability and our capacity for making choices in terms of how, what and the way we consume as individuals, communities, and nations.

These photographs explore our inter-being with all things as well as the reality of constant change and the challenges that fact presents in being human. These images ask us to pause so that we might see and feel the miracle and fragility of our collective aliveness. Mark Doty writes, “Why should we have been born knowing how to love the world? We require again and again, these demonstrations.”

The spaces we move through on a daily basis, the full and complete world we inhabit together is, again to use Doty’s words, “a matrix in which we are held.” The choices we make have impacts beyond what we may fully realize. Our cell phones, cars, clothing, and the food we eat. The manner in which we treat the people who, with us, are in transit around the sun. None are discrete objects but also made of rain, wind, elements and families we don’t know on the other side of the planet who love and struggle for happiness as we do.

The ripple of effect is infinite.