The Persistence of Vanishing Things

This body of work has its origins in my oldest memories and existential obsessions. I was a spiritually inclined child. Prone to hours of wool gathering, staring up at the clouds, listening to the sounds of wind through the grasses, tracking the moon’s progress through the sky each month with a protractor, a straw, a string and a small metal washer as a plumb bob; a primitive astrolabe. I was born with a powerful sense of the press of time passing.

Perhaps it was growing up in New England with the poems of Robert Frost as a background, at a time of profound shifts in our collective subconscious; the 60s and 70s, which held so much hope (we landed on the moon!) and innocence,  in the same hand with wanton unconscious cruelty (Vietnam, Watergate, racial violence, greed and corruption) which so many claim as beautiful and light but which truly reflect a darkness that resonates with me to this day.  It explores notions of duality, particularly the search for refuge in the darkness of spiritual and physical unknown. of refuge explores memory and loss; inter-being and impermanence; the locus of human hubris as it impinges on the natural world; sublimity and liminal spaces; the many signs of our culture with capital “V” Violence, of greed being visited on the planet, on all persons* and all living beings through the attempted corporatization and commodification of all things, even the internal; the signs of this small “v” violence seen in our thoughts, speech and actions, the trance into which we fall and believe in a delusional reality which constantly causes us to seek gratification and refuge in the external, the cheap (no matter how expensive); to mistakenly take the unreal for the real and to devalue the real and true as if it were of no consequence.

The work hopes to point the way to awakening, to our immense, indeed infinite capacity to shift to the real, the divine, to experience for ourselves our capacity for change, our capacity for positive and compassionate empowerment, to see the real and priceless and tend with greater care for ourselves and our lovely delicate blue jewel planet. Those things which poison us, in fact, we can put them down as simply and easily as a child might set a toy on the floor, and radically turn towards what sustains and loves all things.

*Even those who think they’re immune because they self perceive as being in positions in power, but when the flames burn, all things are consumed. The fires of destruction don’t care what burns. The only desire for fire is to burn, yes?