The Persistence of Vanishing Things

Time is a relentless river. Each thought we have, each word we say, each action we make lead inevitably to a result offering benefit or harm to ourselves and all who surround us. In each moment we relate to what is sometimes called the ten thousand things.

The choices we make have impacts beyond what we can fully realize. Our cell phones, cars, clothing, and the food we eat. They are not discrete objects but also made of sun and rain and wind and elements and families we don’t know on the other side of the planet who love and struggle for happiness as we do.

The ripple of effect is infinite. The butterfly effect is real.

We can remain in a trance or aim to awaken. What we think becomes reality. We can awaken and manifest true happiness or stay in a trance of disconnection and manifest destruction. We can keep the lights of our blue jewel planet shining or let them go out, perhaps slowly or in one sudden cataclysmic catastrophe.

These photographs explore the way it feels to confront this reality of constant change, the ground shifting constantly under our feet and our striving to grasp and hold onto what we think will bring happiness. They offer a glimpse into our attempts to face, as bravely as we can, inevitable changes and pains. Also, the joy which arises from letting go of grasping and surfing the moment fully present with our whole hearted awareness and compassion to what is, just as it is.